Bay of Quinte Athletic Assocation

B of QAA Executive

David Whitney – President

Tara Feeney – Vice President

Adrian Bertrand – Secretary/Treasurer

Ian Press – Principal Rep


By Law Updates

By laws for the Winter sports are in the midst of being updated.  All sports have adopted a “1st picks COSSA, 2nd picks next…” all with the premise a team cannot eliminate a AAA from competition if they have earned the right to participate.

By Law Updates

Sports By laws have been opened to convenors to update to the most current version.  Please speak with your sports convenor for the most up to date information.

November Meeting

Please note the November meeting is on the 17th for the winter sports – it has been updated on the site and an email was sent to AD’s as well.

The agenda for the Novembers meeting is also posted.

Sept Update

Minutes have been added for the September Meeting

Tentative championship dates have been added for the Fall sports Season.  Please note they are subject to change.

Sport By Laws

Sport by laws are now listed individually.  They are live link updated as well.  I suspect that several of the by laws held by convenors are more up to date than those of the BQAA.  The goal for 2015-2016 is to move to a digital storage solution for all BQAA documents.

Bay of Quinte Athletic Assocation